AIS Boat Inspections at Lake Vermilion Expand to Private Resorts

Lake Vermilion in St Louis County is a popular destination for fishermen and recreational boaters. About 16,000 boats from all over the Midwest launch at 17 public and 20+ private accesses each year. As the Vermilion Lake Association (VLA) looked closely at the level of risk posed by boats entering Lake Vermilion, they found a…

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Lake of the Woods Draft TMDL under review

The Lake of the Woods Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study that started in 2015 is now in its final phase of internal review, a public comment period and final approval by USEPA.  The TMDL study addresses the nutrient impairment of Minnesota’s portion of the Lake of the Woods, which does not meet water quality…

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Watershed Information Featured in Local Restaurants

Restaurant patrons had some reading material and fun activities for their kids the past few summers at several establishments that agreed to use paper placements designed specifically for the Rainy-Lake of the Woods watershed. A colourful front page with interesting facts about the watershed and its geography, facts about Aquatic Invasive Species and a number…

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