The Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the 2022 Rainy-Lake of the Woods State of the Basin Report (SOBR). The 2022 SOBR takes first steps towards “two eyed seeing”, by bringing together views of priority concerns and solutions through an Indigenous lens with one eye, while the other eye sees through a Western science lens. The report describes water governance in the basin and Indigenous Knowledge systems and worldview from the standpoint of the Anishinaabe Nation of Treaty #3, US Tribes and the Métis Nation of Ontario. The report also includes aspects of Traditional Knowledge or Indigenous perspective in recognition of a multi-jurisdictional basin. Throughout the report, highlighted are Indigenous concerns or impacts, and questions to shift our lens of view to ensure respect and acknowledgement of the Indigenous Nations in the basin.

The report outlines changes that have occurred since the last report in 2014, focusing on the primary areas of concern in the watershed of nutrients and algae, contaminants, climate change, aquatic invasive species, and erosion/water levels.  The report also highlights concerns about the health of the walleye fishery in the north end of Lake of the Woods and includes a new chapter on human health concerns in the watershed.

The 2022 SOBR is available in two versions: a detailed technical report of 148 pages, and an overview report of 32 pages, highlighting key findings and written for a general audience. We encourage you to read the overview version and to explore additional details in the full 148-page version, both of which are available for download at the Foundation’s website,