This watershed is entirely within Canada and, for water quality and fisheries management, it is within Ontario’s Fisheries Management Zone 5.  The vast majority of the watershed is undeveloped with logging and related road construction the major land use activities.  There are no hydroelectric facilities or currently operating mines and no managed water systems.  As part of Ontario’s Broadscale Monitoring Program, water quality data have been collected in this watershed from a random sample of lakes in 2010 and 2016. The watershed is entirely bedrock with the soil being primarily a thin layer of glacial till. Overall water quality conditions are good to excellent.  Water quality is similar to the Rainy Headwaters in terms of generally clear waters and low phosphorus levels.  The data from 2010 shows an average Secchi depth of 4.6 m, average total phosphorus of 6.6 and average pH of 7.0.