Restaurant patrons had some reading material and fun activities for their kids the past few summers at several establishments that agreed to use paper placements designed specifically for the Rainy-Lake of the Woods watershed. A colourful front page with interesting facts about the watershed and its geography, facts about Aquatic Invasive Species and a number of water stewardship tips was designed to help the public understand more about the watershed in which they live. On the back page, puzzles, word searches and colouring is provided for children to keep them busy while they wait for their meal to arrive. With a network of volunteers and partners at the ready, most of the 5,000 placemats generously printed by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency were distributed to 23 locations across the binational watershed; not just at restaurants, but at B&Bs, resorts, the Ely Blueberry Festival, cottage association meetings and tourist centres. The remainder will be distributed throughout the winter and spring. If you know of a restaurant that may be interested, please do not hesitate to contact Kelli Saunders at