The Lake of the Woods Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study that started in 2015 is now in its final phase of internal review, a public comment period and final approval by USEPA.  The TMDL study addresses the nutrient impairment of Minnesota’s portion of the Lake of the Woods, which does not meet water quality standards for total phosphorus and Chlorophyll-a concentrations (related to algae blooms) and Secchi disk depth (transparency).  Phosphorus (P) is the focus of this study because it drives a wide range of biological responses in the lake that affect beneficial uses such as drinking, swimming, and aquatic recreation. Ongoing phosphorus reduction efforts are a management priority in both Minnesota and Canada.

This TMDL quantifies P reductions that are necessary to satisfy applicable lake total phosphorus standards and provides measurable benchmarks to gauge future progress in achieving reductions required to reduce nuisance algal blooms and achieve designated beneficial uses.

If you are interested in reading the draft TMDL document, it can be found at or call one of the following individuals:

Mike Hirst, Lake of the Woods SWCD, 218-634-1842 x4

Cary Hernandez, MPCA, 218-846-8124

Julie Blackburn, RESPEC. 651-305- 2272

Also be sure to visit http:// and click on the ‘projects’ tab for more information.