Come and explore the uniqueness of this shared place and the great work that is being done to preserve its water resources.

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Stewardship in Action

LakeSmart – One Dock at a Time

LakeSmart is an award-winning environmental outreach program unique to the Lake of the Woods area of northwestern Ontario. A signature program of the Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association (LOWDSA), it is focused on environmental education and helping lake users “live and play green” at the lake. The LakeSmart team is equipped with knowledge and…

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Series Intro: WRAPS (Minnesota) And Broadscale Monitoring (Ontario): Two Approaches, One Watershed

The Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin is shared between Minnesota and Ontario, with a small portion in Manitoba, Canada.  When broken down into its ten major watersheds, it becomes even more obvious that water knows no boundaries and the watershed boundaries are what matter.  However, the way in which data are collected, water is monitored…

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Series: WRAPS: The Minnesota Approach

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) takes a watershed approach to restoring and protecting Minnesota’s rivers, lakes, and wetlands and, in the case of the binational Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed, works in collaboration with agencies in Canada wherever possible. In the U.S., the funds used to accelerate efforts to monitor, assess, and restore impaired…

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