Throughout May and June 2021, there will be messaging on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter helping to spread the word about preventing movement of aquatic invasive species (AIS) in the Rainy-Lake of the Woods watershed.  This is a partnership initiative of the International Multi-Agency Arrangement’s AIS subcommittee, made up of specialists from Minnesota, Ontario and Manitoba.  The messaging is specific to this watershed and will focus on five key topics.  Zebra mussel prevention is a main message, given that they have been found in the south end of Lake of the Woods and the research that has demonstrated their impact on juvenile walleye growth; flowering rush management will be another topic given its proliferation in the watershed; promotion of the Clean, Drain, Dry strategy for watercraft and equipment will be emphasized in each post to ensure people are aware of the importance of this to avoid AIS spread; safe management of aquarium plants in light of the rising online aquarium trade and dumping of unwanted fish in lakes and rivers will be highlighted; and the importance of early detection and reporting, with websites and phone numbers for each of the three jurisdictions will be included in each post.   The posts are being spearheaded, posted and boosted thanks to the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and our partners around the watershed are sharing widely.  Last year, our posts reached a huge audience and we hope the same will happen again this year as AIS becomes more of a concern in the basin.