Just until March 15th, 2018, you can access, for free, some of the seminal research that is unlocking the mystery of what is causing algae blooms on Lake of the Woods. You can view online or if you want to save for future reading, you can download a pdf of each article at: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ulrm20/33/4
Scientists researching Lake of the Woods water quality have put together a special issue of the Journal of Lake and Reservoir Management (Volume 33, Issue 4) devoted entirely to Lake of the Woods. They also have negotiated a 60-day free public access and download period for this, normally paid-subscription, peer-reviewed scientific journal. Special thanks goes to the contributors and, in particular, Andrew Paterson (Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change) and Jesse Anderson (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) for organizing the special issue and for negotiating the open access period.
The special issue presents 11 papers with results of key science studies on Lake of the Woods – of particular interest may be:
• An introduction to Lake of the Woods—from science to governance in an international waterbody (J. Anderson et al.)
• Paleolimnology of the Lake of the Woods southern basin: continued water quality degradation despite lower nutrient influx (E. Reavie et al.)
• Historical phosphorus dynamics in Lake of the Woods (USA–Canada) — does legacy phosphorus still affect the southern basin? (M. Edlund et al.)
Enjoy the read! http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ulrm20/33/4