Come and explore the uniqueness of this shared place and the great work that is being done to preserve its water resources.

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Series: No. 10 – Shoal Lake

The Shoal Lake watershed covers approximately 960 km2 on the Manitoba-Ontario border, with the area shared almost equally between Manitoba and Ontario. Major waterbodies in the watershed include Shoal Lake, Falcon Lake and High Lake. The Shoal Lake watershed is home to the First Nation communities of Iskatewizaagegan No.39 Independent First Nation and Shoal Lake…

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Series: No. 9 – Lake of the Woods Watershed

The Lake of the Woods Watershed is a massive, binational watershed with the majority in Ontario, a small portion in Manitoba and the remainder in Minnesota.   Resource concerns in the U.S. portion include excessive wetness, wetland and woodland management, the short growing season, pasture management and surface water quality, with specific concerns for nutrient enrichment…

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Series: No. 8 – Rainy Lake Watershed

This watershed is immense, the majority of it being within Canada.  In the U.S., the eastern two-thirds of massive Rainy Lake is part of the border lakes in Voyageurs National Park (VNP), as are adjacent Namakan and Sand Point Lakes. VNP also includes Kabetogama Lake. These four very large, interconnected lakes provide spectacular, undeveloped scenery,…

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